ASPEKT was founded in 1992 as a software development company delivering dynamic workflow-based platform for the financial sector, assuring process flexibility, scalability and integration.

The company started positioning itself as an outstanding provider of software solutions for financial institutions and concentrated on specific niche markets based on the offering.

The development of the solution followed after a thorough research in the microfinance industry specifics, legislative conditions, specifics of the business processes, which was a necessary learning curve for the entire ASPEKT team. The whole staff underwent series of specific industry trainings to equip with adequate knowledge of the microfinance industry, acquired certificates in specific financial topics, got educated in Basel II Risk Compliance System, passed courses for learning IFRS (international financial reporting standards) and started regularly visiting industry specific conferences, summits and roadshows.

This participation in industry-specific events was useful for learning trends and growing needs of microfinance institutions in continuity and helped ASPEKT bring new features early to market, before the competition.

Several years ago ASPEKT released an upgraded version and the entire platform architecture was migrated to a more sophisticated infrastructure for easier and more flexible administration of the solution in order to bring all clients faster to market. The Aspekt Product Suite is now completely adapted to financial industry including microfinance, banking and leasing industry.

Aspekt Product Suite is present on the European, African and Central Asian markets and the company has a strategic orientation, in the next period, to increase existing market share and expand its presence further on new markets. ASPEKT has clear vision for the future development, as it will continue keeping pace with the industry developments to support its clients’ growth and ensure success.