Niche market

Microfinance, banking and leasing represents financial niche markets where technology Vendors see potential to establish sustainable market presence through diversified software solutions but still the available options are incompatible with the needs of these niche industries.

Through the years, the scope of operations for financial institutions (MFIs, Banks) around the globe increased significantly and the demand of information technology that will alleviate the operations and increase efficiency emerged respectively. The lack of adequate solution and growing but unfulfilled market need is where ASPEKT sees an opportunity to focus on these niche industries. Leasing industry also experiences great expansion and biggest product portfolio diversity ever recognized on the market. This trend is reflected in the high rate business internationalization with which companies are scoping new markets in order to satisfy diversified market needs.

ASPEKT understands the profound needs of the financial industry and tends to reflect it in the functionality and features of the Aspekt Product Suite by demonstrating capabilities to handle the changing business requirements of every Client and the ongoing consolidation in the financial industry.