Origin of know-how

ASPEKT’s team used gained knowledge in software development for the banking and microfinance industry to differentiate compatibilities and discrepancies between financial niche segments and dedicated all efforts to understand leasing specifics by starting to develop specialized leasing software solutions.

With professional background in delivering high-quality financial software solutions, ASPEKT’s team possesses knowledge in financial business processes and regulative using the financial insight as a competitive advantage on the market.

The team consists of passionate technology experts, recognized individuals and certified professionals, who work together with the idea to connect the power of technologies, help Client’s growth and support them in achieving their success. Being involved in delivering financial software solutions for separate niche segments, ASPEKT’s team has acknowledged the specifics and core differences between every industry segment and understood financial business models. Gained knowledge through project implementations is then deepened by visiting events that showcase the industry specific issues and market trends.

ASPEKT’s industry commitment is evident in the dedication to learn the real business needs, by following industry trends and holding different certificates, trainings in specific financial topics and courses in order to acquire adequate knowledge in the financial industry specifics which is continuously translated into solution improvements.

All these activities manifest strong commitment translated into a state-of-the-art solution that satisfies the needs of all Clients.