Product innovation

Enforcing best practices in delivering financial software solutions, ASPEKT provided financial companies with technologically sophisticated methods for dealing with process inefficiencies and regulatory compliance through the Aspekt Product Suite, a robust and flexible leasing software solution that automates business processes and significantly improves business performances.

ASPEKT’s goal was to provide solution that will offer processing of up to date data presented in a structured form for easy navigation that will be beneficial for the financial institutions.

I: The first product version was created not long after the company restructuring in 2007. The solution, developed on modular architecture, using Microsoft Visual Basic Framework 1.1, consisted of modules that covered complete loan/leasing tracking processes, integrated with the accounting system for automatic transaction matching and back office modules that supported additional corporate activities, as administration of fixed assets, administration of invoices within purchase module and management of human resources and payroll.

The solution supported internal interaction processes with Integrated Task & Messaging Platform, a collaboration tool for exchange of tasks, messages and documents, Document Compliance Platform for electronic archiving of documentation and Dynamic Data Collector for advanced and flexible data definition.

Positive changes were noticed by several clients ASPEKT implemented this product version for. This motivated the team, to proceed with upgrading the solution features and continue the trend of improving client’s operations in the second product version.

II: The second product version was developed couple of years after the initial. The existing functionalities were improved and brought to a higher quality level, presented from new perspective and a lot of new features were added.

Dynamic Report Generator was presented with this product version. This tool helped financial organizations in being proactive in report definition possibilities and create real-time reports, independently from ASPEKT, directly from user side.

ASPEKT managed to integrate financial trend of measuring the effect their daily operations had on the overall business, by supporting implementation of financial organization’s specific missions with Social Performance & Impact Management Module.

Besides, all clients were able to create credit scoring cards, dynamically from user side and quantify the creditworthiness of individual borrowers with automatic calculation procedures based on predefined field values, all in the Credit Scoring Module.

The financial organizations received the possibility to monitor their financials and create periodic budgets inside the solution, within the Budgeting Module.

III: ASPEKT delivered version three, developed on Microsoft Visual Basic Framework 4.0, using 4.0 Janus system components that enable end users directly communicate with external files, like word, enabling clients define their own print templates dynamically and Excel files to directly load structured Excel into the solution.

With Aspekt Product Suite 3.0, the entire platform architecture is migrated to a more sophisticated infrastructure for easier and more flexible administration of the solution and in order to bring all clients faster to market.

IV: The Aspekt Product Suite Version 4.0, a web solution, is an open banking concept with completely delivery layers for interconnection with third-party stakeholders. The solution uses advanced workflow technology that allows maximal flexibility of the solution from user side for flexible workflow definition – built-up workflow with html, built-up graphical interface, draw process upload for change of current workflow, drag and drop. Ver.4.0 provides 3 tier architecture (Client – APP server – DB Server). This version is based on SQL cluster architecture and provides real time redundancy of the software.

The solution is developed as highly dynamic and available for independent functioning from vendor side, as never before. End users experience revolutionary changes in their operations and improve their internal processes to excellence.