Digital Trend For Providing Unique And Superior Customer Experience




The Client is a microfinance institution providing financial support to its clients, including: small business owners, individual farmers and people with housing needs. The purpose of this support is to promote economic activities of the clients and to improve the living standard.



The Client wanted Digital Finance Channel that will enable more efficient loan collection process without generating extra expenses for the clients and future potential clients, without increasing the service costs.

Thus, the Client was looking for a solution that will enable to achieve better customer experience for potential clients within the comfort of their homes without the need to physically visit the Client’s office.

The Client has already established core system which is financial platform product by Aspekt and the Client choose the Aspekt Digital Finance Channel, which is continuous technology development to include digital trends known for building up the customer experience into new channels.



For the Client, ASPEKT has implemented the Aspekt Digital Finance Channel. The system is consisted of three integral parts: mobile app, web app and SMS Notifications system, all integrated with API Delivery Layer, developed to comply with latest digital technology standards and Client requirements, specific to the microfinance niche industry.

The new digital finance channel supports the efficient operations and access to data online, in order for the customers to access the data without visiting the physical location of the Client, supports additional customization of data access and preview based on client needs and can be adapted to present online any type of data generated in the core system. With ability to process high data volume, the Aspekt Digital Finance Channel supports smooth and secure data access at any time from any device, providing customers with full control over all financial transactions and customer information online.

The project implemented was integration of mobile and web technologies adapted to the industry needs and integrated with the core solution. Both, mobile and web application communicate with the CORE solution through Aspekt API Delivery Layer.




The product innovation is a strong competitive differentiator for ASPEKT. The Aspekt Digital Finance Channel delivers superior experiences and underpins the delivery of mobile experiences, connected to any data source, on all devices relevant to Client’s customers – with analytics to prove success.

By using Aspekt Digital Finance Channel, the Client has reached the high-tech present, continuously increasing its own efficiency. Some of the biggest advantages are improving customer self-services and their experience by shortening lines and waiting times, keeping their customers informed and up-to-date with their own personal record-keeping. The mobile application is self-explainable, user-friendly and has the possibility for their clients to have an overview of all their own transactions and loan balance in real time. Furthermore, as an important benefit is that all guarantors can have control over the guaranteed loans in order to know whether the client delays with his payment. The web app provides the option of printing reports directly from web and has integrated validation mechanisms for security. With the integration of the SMS system, the system is adapted to automatically generate system notifications to a predefined list of employees or directly to customers, in order to be informed, based on predefined list of activities, for e.g. about the payment maturity and due instalments, significant dates (e.g. work anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) and any other type of reminder/notification that the Client needs.

The Client received a new flexible system with significant technological improvements following the completely centralized approach. Furthermore, the overall customer’s experience is improved and they are served faster with shorter decision-making time.