Process Centralization & Increased Productivity





This CLIENT is registered as Financial Development Company, with operations initially established in 2009 and since then succeeded to become one of the biggest microfinance institutions in the country of origin, helping the development of the local economy, by supporting SMEs and micro-businesses with initial investment and financial help.

At the beginning, the CLIENT used to work on two different systems, the Loan Tracking System on one side, meeting more banking than microfinance needs and Accounting System developed by local Vendor, on other side.

During the time the CLIENT used those systems, the employees experienced a lot of difficulties in the everyday activities as a result of the decentralization of data, double entries and many other disadvantages. That is why the Management Board decided to invest in new integrated solution, which will directly address all CLIENT’s problems.




After almost two years of using of the two software solutions in everyday work activities the CLIENT started increasingly experiencing difficulties that could not be bridged and tolerate any longer. So the Management Board made a decision to find reliable software provider with adequate knowledge in regional regulative and microfinance industry but at the same time with flexibility to accommodate to their specific work procedures and schedules, which usually some vendors could not afford.

The CLIENT took into consideration ASPEKT’s previous experience in similar implementations where decentralized systems were integrated into one solution, the specialization of the solution for the microfinance industry and the benefits that were created for the users, into delivering final decision on Vendor’s choice.



ASPEKT approached the CLIENT with a very high professionalism and particular attention to the existing situation. After reviewing the legacy systems and the drawbacks that the CLIENT had, ASPEKT directly addressed all inconveniences the CLIENT had and added even more valuable functionalities in order to ease and improve everyday work activities.

As a result of many problems the CLIENT had with the previous systems, both the CLIENT and ASPEKT made detailed business analyses, during which all corporate business processes were mapped, the current functioning of the existing systems was analyzed and ASPEKT was able to prepare proper gap analyses and develop a plan of how to overcame obstacles with the new solution.
ASPEKT managed to deal with the following issues:

  • ASPEKT understood the particular regulatory requirements and was able to integrate CLIENT’s specific calculations and formulas in the solution.
  • The complete reporting requirements were developed according to Client standards prescribed by National Bank.
  • All business processes were centralized in one solution and were connected in one integral workflow, which eliminated double entries.

The CLIENT received one solution that truly understands not only existing corporate needs, but it is able to support new features in future long time after the initial implementation.




Today, after years of using Aspekt Product Suite, the CLIENT is satisfied with the outcome of the implementation and achieved results. The CLIENT managed to centralize all operations and streamline all work processes, so that directly affect employee productivity on individual level. The solution had major impact on process-flow automation, data integration and real-time reporting.

Loan Officers use their time more effectively, as they enter data on one place and are able to access corresponding data within the entire solution. Due to that, the work of the Accounting Officers is streamlined as well. The automatic posting and matching of payments improved the accounting procedures and offered one stabile system with accurate payment plans for every borrower.

Sustainable corporate growth strategy is mainly due to the flexible architecture of the solution, supporting possibilities for fast implementation of changes in product policy, dynamic definition of reports generation for more precise and real-time portfolio analyses.

The CLIENT is able to make historic analyses and to compare data in different reports as the entire loan portfolio is migrated from the previous systems into the Aspekt Product Suite. The CLIENT also managed to optimize human resources needed for everyday work activities and to optimize the number of Accounting Officers for more than 70%. Now, employees manage to finish more valuable work faster and under lower operational costs.

The CLIENT found a long-term partner in ASPEKT, one on which can rely and be confident to support all future requests, by staying up-to-date with the industry and technology developments.