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Drive the digital transformation change within the financial industry

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Boost the ability to implement the digital initiatives through Aspekt Product Suite that is:

  • intended for Financial Institutions of all sizes
  • gaining operational efficiency
  • adding high service value and financial regulatory compliance
  • supporting high volume and high security transactions
  • enabling efficient decision-making cycles
  • integrating streamlined business processes, governed by automated workflow.


Banking Industry

An innovative, digital ways of operating and that is certainly competitive advantage that brings to banking institutions with vast improvement of the efficiency of the customer service processes. With the streamlined product management and the introduction of new products, banks can easily influence the customer behavior, covering credit lines, card accounts, deposits and savings accounts.

Supporting online banking services and providing Client cash management, new payment digital channels – are some of the most important features that end customers are interested in. With added user-friendly enhancements and value added services, end customer satisfaction is inevitable when using Aspekt Product Suite.



Microfinance Industry

The solution responds accordingly to the specific needs of the microfinance sector and is specialized to align every organization’s mission with the proactive business rules and processes that arise from industry standards. With the Aspekt Product Suite solution, microfinance organizations are able to perform on a personal level with their Clients, gathering data more efficiently, with no loss of employee productivity. The organizations are able to use many improved features and analyses like monitoring of borrowers’ retention and impact rates, the types of borrowers outreached and analyze closely the results in adaptable statistical reports.

Because of the flexibility of the solution, the organization can achieve their target market needs and have insights in up to date data, while having enhanced control mechanisms over the key financial performance indicators and ratios.



Leasing Industry

Because of the solution customizable nature, it is specialized for the leasing industry, transforming into digital leasing engine for tracking leasing assets throughout the lease lifecycle that enhances innovation and process management principles in the business process definition, and leads to cost-effective and efficient business operations.

The ability to manage large portfolio volumes, process integration and on time monitoring and control for the ever growing leasing industry, gives the leasing organizations complete process control, streamlined decision-making, operational growth and efficiency.