ASPEKT Implementation Methodology Main Goals per Phases:

Requirement Analyses

  • Applying of ASPEKT knowledge base in Client’s internal processes
  • Understanding complete Client requirements and aligning them with the solution
  • Review of AS-IS processes and preparation of plan for further Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Product Design & Optimization

  • Definition of complete product design for complete adaptation according to Client requirements
  • Risk elimination of product design failures in advanced project phases
  • Preparation of technical documentation explaining in detail TO-BE product processes

Customization and Adaptation

  • Adaptation and integration of TO-BE product features
  • Elimination of ongoing gaps in business processes
  • Transfer of skills and knowledge to Key Users and conducting structured training programs

System Testing

  • Effective fine tuning of all functionalities and elimination of bugs and errors, based on predefined assessment criteria
  • Successful testing which confirms that the requirements from the Functional Specification Document are completely met
  • Data transfer with 0% data loss and risk elimination of historic data inconsistencies

Data Verification & Testing

  • Verification of data migration
  • Release Product Version (Final Beta Product Release + Migrated Historic Data)

Deployment & Testing

  • Product installation in all branch offices
  • Risk elimination of system failure and product performance
  • Conduct tests to ensure product performance consistency on all remote location
  • Using variety of testing methods to demonstrate positive quantitative and qualitative outcomes of developed functionalities


  • Transfer of skills and knowledge to all end users
  • Providing final user manuals

User Acceptance

  • Assuring product integrity and performance quality with Parallel Work
  • Shorten software transition period
  • Confirmation of successful system consistency from functional, system and software requirement perspective
  • Signed acceptance protocols and announced live stage