Solution Benefits

Top Management:

  • Value added for investing
  • One solution for all streamlined operations on daily basis
  • Highly flexible system to adjust regulatory and investors reporting requirements
  • Enhanced control mechanisms over all business processes
  • Generating high quality reports for key decision-making stakeholders
  • Adaptable to different financial internal policies and procedures
  • Cost reduction while achieving maximum productivity


  • Achieving improved productivity with single entry data and minimization of manual work
  • Real time monitoring over distinct branch and staff performance
  • On-time monitoring and control over the loan and Client portfolio
  • Customized reports for improved operations planning and Client outreach
  • Flexible introduction of new products for market expansion
  • Ability for implementing existing, internally developed or new-predefined management tools
  • Integration with any 3rd party systems

Finance and Accounting:

  • Advanced structured reporting of financial data and ready-to-use analytic reports
  • Dynamic control of entire accounting process
  • Automation of all transaction processes
  • Compliance with international reporting standards
  • Efficient control over all centralized front and back office operations
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Automated risk forecast and increased control over cash operations and fraud prevention
  • Easy detection of human errors and inappropriate usage of the system
  • Creditworthiness assessment platform with detailed analysis and assessment of loan loss provisioning on individual and group basis
  • Streamlined decision-making process
  • Flexible reporting system with exchange platform for reporting to national credit bureaus


  • Automated installation of new versions
  • Smooth – running administration of privilege rights
  • Well organized and structured protocols for software maintenance (bugs fixing and user requests proceedings) through Task Management System
  • Amplified data security and control over log audit tracking process
  • Generating reports independently from ASPEKT
  • Fully on-time support from dedicated team from Vendor side
  • Compliance to Client’s data security protocols