Solution Overview

Adaptable software solution that provides efficiency in business processes, risks mitigation and operational control.


Aspekt Product Suite represents group of software solutions specialized for different financial segments, each of which addresses the specific needs of the niche segment, such as adaptation of the business process flow, regulative and reporting requirements, all compellingly built on a shared platform that impacts the biggest technological concerns with which the financial industry is facing, with integration and automation of business processes and modularity of features that enforces business model scalability.

The platform incorporates process management principles that help Clients face multiple operational challenges on a most cost-effective way by enhancing capabilities for structured transformation of business processes with high level of flexibility.

The main platform objective of the Aspekt Product Suite is to substitute the obsolete method of user transferring commands to the system and the need for analyzing every step of the process flow in order to get clues on how to proceed, but instead to provide a solution that leads the user through the process flow, automating the subsequent steps to be performed and suggesting possible flow paths to be followed, accompanied with convenient and accessible navigation to go back and forth through the process flow from central location.

The dynamic nature of the platform guarantees independent operability and integrity of all features, data security, common data exchange, centralized control and 360° data view.

The concept of Aspekt Product Suite is to offer one highly dynamic and flexible solution that is easily managed from end users, independently from Aspekt, allowing Client’s growth assurance, operational risk mitigation and high productivity while achieving significant cost-savings and ROI. By focusing solely on one industry segment heavily, Aspekt will provide long-term support and possibility to develop further based on Client expectations and needs while following the industry trends. The workflow-driven approaches that the Aspekt Product Suite supports, allows strong control on audit data, characterized by logical data structures, efficient data management and real-time data consolidation.



The platform of the Aspekt Product Suite supports dynamic adaptation of the process flow according to client business needs through dynamic workflow definition, strong validation management and high process control on user side. The platform supports continuous process improvements by allowing additional requirements to be defined and implemented on the go. The scalability of the platform means that not only new features and modules but also changes of the existing features and modules are supported as well as modifications of the existing process flow rules in order to align solutions’ options with business model changes.

With Dynamic Data Collector (DDC) the business process control is transferred on user side, supporting flexible, ad-hock data definition and incorporation of data in any part of the process flow, where the client is the creator and controller of the product policy and can manage dynamically product limitations, including definition of specific product conditions, number of product levels, calculation formulas used per product or organizational structures, customer types or product purposes dictating the privilege for product use.

Guiding the focus on optimization in every way, Aspekt Product Suite integrates all client operations across multiple departments and offices in a consolidated system which drastically shortens the decision-making process cycles with single point data entry and centralized control.

What makes the Aspekt Product Suite important, is the ability to grow operational volume fast and increase drastically the employee productivity while maintaining optimal headcount costs. The cost-efficiency and flexibility for change are significantly increased through process integration, workflow automation and direct results insight for decision making.

With flexible approach of data definition and streamlined adaptation of business processes according to client requirements, the platform of Aspekt Product Suite is quality choice for any financial institution that strives to achieve greater operational results with centralized control.