Solution Technology

Aspekt Product Suite is built on a technology which has:


Cutting-edge Technology

The product platform provides three-tier architecture, based on SQL cluster architecture and provides real time redundancy of the software. Aspekt Product Suite is basically integration of diverse modules, which are entirely independent and also compatible and integrated in one complete solution. It covers robust technology for defining the system structure in order to achieve good reliability and scalability for maintenance.


High Performance Database

Aspekt Product Suite uses proven Relational Database Management Systems, always offering latest version developments and operates on Microsoft SQL Server. Aspekt Product Suite can support complex operations and large amount of transactions on a daily basis, responding to companies’ requests from all sizes and diverse level of operational complexity.


Simple Deployment

The deployment method of Aspekt Product Suite that is practiced by ASPEKT enables simple installation and activation of Aspekt Product Suite, engaging optimal downtime and user interference.


High Security Level

The system Infrastructure is integrated with a single point platform, covering data security and centralized control. For the sustainability of the Solution, different network and server monitoring tools are used, to assure highest level of optimization of network availability and performance, transactions security and work stability in order to diminish network traffic and assure satisfying service level.


Scalable Architecture

Aspekt Product Suite uses system architecture that simplifies the future development of the organization and supports the ability to distribute high-volume data processing in a more cost-effective way.


Structured Database Design

The design of the Database is structured in order to enable creation of complex relations between all included functional entities in the Solution.