Document Compliance Platform

Be part of the transformation and create a paperless office

General Description

The Document Compliance Platform (DCP) is a tool for electronic management of documentation, containing option for attaching documents on all objects within the solution, and categorization of the attached documentation for quick search and secure access from a centralized document repository.

With the DCP documents are handled more efficiently and business process flow is performed on a basis of a paperless activity. Once uploaded, documents can be adjusted to be accessible from diverse locations within the solution on a basis of access authorization. Access to documents as well as adding, replacing and deleting documents is based on privileges and user-rights.


Documents can be uploaded in multiple formats, based on Client preferences including picture format, word, excel, txt, pdf and any other type of file document, with flexible integration of validation and verification control mechanisms and specification of mandatory documentation to be gathered at any point within the workflow.

The validation and verification controls can be informational or prevent the process proceeding further in the flow, based on Client business needs. The DCP can be set to request mandatory documents with a trigger action within the process flow (for e.g. on saving loan application form, when changing status, etc.) or based on a chosen product type, with specification of list of mandatory documents in the product definition.

The DCP can be integrated with the Integrated Messaging and Task Platform, for secure and faster documents transfer within the organization, by simply attaching documents on messaging and tasks forms.

Key Features

  • E- Document Management
    Track documents paperless and have quick overview of documents through the entire solution with Integrated Document Management Platform, applied to all business objects in the solution and speed up entire workflow of operations.
    Keep copies of the documentations electronically and contribute to cost saving and corporate environmental responsibility, by printing only when inevitable.
  • Fast Document Search
    Speed up the time for document tracking and search directly in the central document repository, classified per document types and categories or on the concrete business object form. You will be able to find documents more easily by having an overview on the entire documentation from the central location as well as allocating documents on individual objects. You can use shortcuts for quick search and find required records in no time.
  • Solid Verification Control
    Avoid the possibility of creating junk documentation with double check control approach at any step of the business process flow, based on your needs and be able to determine the format, type and content of documents attached in order to reduce the overload on your server and database level.