Dynamic Data Collection Engine

Improve data quality with flexible data definition

General Description

The Dynamic Data Collection (DDC) Engine is integral part of the platform of the solution providing flexible approach of data definition and data collection, with which the control over gathered data types and data quality is managed from user side, enabling different business objects to collect data dynamically.

With the proposed approach of data gathering, the solution supports flexible adaptation to specific Client needs and independent manageability of the solution. The DDC Object can be implemented on all objects within the solution, including application level, contact level and any other part of the organization workflow, providing dynamic model for managing data.

Key Features

  • Increased Data Control
    Manage gathered content independently from the vendor and increase your corporate productivity by being able to implement new changes fast and on your own. With DDC Engine implemented on all business objects, the employees are provided with a tool for self-increasing operational efficiency and from management perspective with a possibility for business process automation and elimination of the subjective decision factor.
  • Dynamic Data Definition
    Improve the process of corporate development and be able to include changes in the process flow with flexible data definition and support in implementing the needed validation procedures within the workflow, simplify daily work activities and increase productivity.
  • High Data Quality
    Automate the control over data types and data format gathering with flexible tool that influences on corporate efficiency and eliminates risks of manual errors.