Dynamic Report Generator

Manipulate data into producing valuable report analyses

General Description

The Dynamic Report Generator (DRG) is SQL Driven Report Generator, manageable from user side and supports definition and publishing new robust and flexible reports directly on solution menu.

Through this tool, the organization can develop various combinations of additional reports, besides the Standard Reports, easily specifying report views, filters, columns and can be customized to represent the data in most suitable format. Examples of such reports can be: Active Portfolio of the institution, Portfolio Quality Report, Risk Analyzes Report, etc. The reports are definable with combination of data from all modules and connection of front and back office parameters.


Reports can make real time complex calculations, based on the dynamic calculation formulas in required report fields.

With introducing Dynamic Report Generator, the Client has the possibility for creating and producing integrated reports with data from different general ledger accounts and result factor, enabling complete independence from Vendor.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Stand-Alone Template Generator
    Independent report generator (DRG) that supports customized report definition enabling flexible customization of the template content and preview.
  • New Reports Integrated with the Solution Version
    Provide insight into every aspect of your data with flexible report definition independently from Vendor or new version of the solution delivery.
  • Creative Data Representation
    Adjust data representation models that best suit organizational needs, with options for drag and drop columns, data grouping and filtering, as part of all business objects in the solution.
  • Flexible Reporting Definition
    Prepare reports for variety of purposes and according to report formats of official regulatory bodies, using optimal resources.