Integrated Task and Messaging Platform

Increase your efficiency due to visibility of daily tasks and minimize the internal communication costs

General Description

The Integrated Task and Messaging Platform (ITMP) supports collaboration and communication within the solution. The tool functionality is incorporated in separate modules and also it is available on the tool bar and directly on business objects, enabling instant messaging and connection of all users from all operational divisions.

It enables exchanging messages, documents and assigning task responsibilities to each other, as well as adding alarms and tasks in the calendar automatically when some trigger event happened.

The system also supports manually initiating tasks and messages from any object in the solution (Application, Loan Agreement, etc.), with possibility to specify for each of them due date, subject, priority, etc.


The platform supports easily navigating and managing the user’s tasks and messages. The tasks/messages can be listed by the type, for example, Past Due, Next Seven Days, Following Month, Active, Closed, Canceled, Created, etc.

By predefining criteria, the solution can be set to send silent messages, adjusted in automated procedures, generate and assign predefined tasks to specific user. Within the possibility of the platform, the workflow processes and business policies of the organizations can be streamline and can assure the policies to be controlled from the system and the rules to apply in everyday work.

Key Features

  • High Performance Control
    Be able to measure individual and group performances on a daily level and improve the control over assigned responsibilities, all with well-structured dashboard that presents all tasks, notifications and alarms in productive manner.
  • Optimized Communication Flow
    Improve the intra-department and inter-department communication flow with a tool that secures information and document transfer from unauthorized access.
  • Secure Internal Document Transfer
    Streamline the transfer of documents within the organization, increase document validity and cut-off costs on physical document delivery with electronic tool that efficiently tracks past communication and document transfer history between all organizational structures.