General Ledger Module

Automate the transaction processing

The General Ledger Module is completely integrated with all Front office as well as other Back office modules and processes data in real time enabling automatically posting of the transactions based on predefined posting schemas in General Ledger that supports highest level of operational excellence in the Institution.

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Fund Management Module

Gain deeper insight into performance

The Fund Management Module, as a part of Aspekt Product Suite, is specialized module for tracking and managing investor’s Funds and Funders, with possibility for linking particular fund to particular products and loans, enabling monitoring of funds utilization and outstanding amounts.

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Fixed Assets Module

Effectively allocate asset value

The Fixed Assets Module is used to track all corporate assets at one place, following complete asset lifecycle, from the moment the asset is purchased up to the point of eliminating the asset from the asset directory, whether it’s sold, donated or written off.

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Budget Tracking Module

Achieve efficiency through accuracy

Aspekt Product Suite has possibility for automated measuring of planned vs archived results within specialized engine supported by the Budget Tracking Module.

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Human Resources Module

Streamline people management and boost productivity

The Human Resources Module manages employee data including but not limited to educational employee background, job description, bank account and tracking the related documentation, all available from a central location.

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Payroll Module

Automate payroll processing

The Payroll Module supports automated calculation and processing of monthly salary based on complex salary models and calculations, with flexibility to incorporate specific country regulative for tax requirements, employment type or any other parameter.

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Purchase Module

Improve expenditures management

The Purchase Module, part of Aspekt Product Suite, supports the workflow activity of invoice received and tracking of all types of expenditures within this built-in ERP feature, in integration with the other modules.

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Sales Module

Manage sales invoice efficiently

Aspekt Product Suite has specialized Sales Invoice Module, supporting managing sales invoices process from invoice data entry with approval process and four-eye control managing the workflow of the process up to posting into General Ledger.

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