Fund Management Module

Gain deeper insight into performance

General Description

The Fund Management Module, as a part of Aspekt Product Suite, is specialized module for tracking and managing investor’s Funds and Funders, with possibility for linking particular fund to particular products and loans, enabling monitoring of funds utilization and outstanding amounts.


For every fund a separate repayment plan can be added to the solution and funds can be tracked with repayment plans, due dates for payments, interest rates, periods and liability reports with maturity of payments in order to monitor closely the funds received.

Loans disbursed from funds can be tracked at any point in the loan process, depending entirely on Client preferences and business policy in order to monitor fund availability and analyze fund’s return rates, paid interest, raised amount, etc.

Key Features

  • High Funds Availability Control
    Provide valuable insight into funds availability and monitor closely funds usage and quality assessment rates.
  • Aligned Funders with Borrowers
    Track borrowers and funders in one centralized system and create more efficient work environment, by aligning loans disbursed with funder’s payment plans and receive clear preview of payment’s maturity and cost of capital.
  • Flexible Funds Allocation
    Engage financials effectively and based on informed decisions with automated and streamlined funds allocation, along with flexible repayment plan.
  • Automatically Post the Interest Expense
    Within the integration with General Ledger the interest expense is automatically booked according to the defined posting schema.