General Ledger Module

Automate the transaction processing

General Description

The General Ledger Module is completely integrated with all Front Office as well as other Back Office modules and processes data in real time enabling automatically posting of the transactions based on predefined posting schemas in General Ledger that supports highest level of operational excellence in the Institution.

The module is easily administered to define dynamically the chart of account with all account details in order to reflect the real needs of the financial companies. The centralized accounting reporting is a strong feature of the General Ledger Module, supporting Trial Balance, Trial Balance Turnover, Account by Dimension, Dimension by Account, Analytic Card. Financial companies can benefit from the single data entry and centralized financial control with integrated risk mitigation tools for identifying errors prior to processing.

The chart of account can be predefined based on Client business needs and managed from user side with options for opening new accounts and adjustment of account definitions (receivables or payables accounts, account dimensions, activation/deactivation of accounts, setting limitations, etc.). The module also supports possibility for defining accounts for accrual booking with automatic matching of accruals as the periodic due date matures.

With an integrated transaction processing approach, the quality of the business processes can be improved vastly, supported by all the needed data for financial analyses.

Transactions are automatically posted in General Ledger and matched on predefined accounts according to matching priority. The automated posting on accounting entries and matching on predefined accounts is applied in synthetic and analytic reports, based on Clients’ business rules and regulatory compliance.


The module has an option for transaction preview before posting in General Ledger that provides an insight into the posting outcomes and better posting control.

The module supports generation of Bank Statements transactions, manual posting of transactions directly in General Ledger as well as defining recurring journal for the transactions that occur frequently.

Transactions can be processed in a bulk and concurrently posted in General Ledger by simply selecting the transaction rows and activating the posting process. All postings are instantly visible in reports, displayed in chronological order.

Within the Module is the Accounting Report Generator as powerful tool for creating different, unlimited and custom-made reports with General Ledger Data, which satisfies fully the Client’s Reporting needs. The Report Generator gives possibility for creating reports with data from General Ledger accounts and result factor for defining reports position by position using mathematic operators such as plus/minus of balance, credit or debit side of accounts position. Accounting Report Generator as a tool enables the Standard Financial Reporting (Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, etc.) and supports definition and adaptation of the reports based on the custom reporting requirements of the Client.

Key Features

  • Centralized Accounting
    Preserve accounting control from a central location with integrated process workflow that ensures scalable managing of growing portfolio volumes.
  • Automated Matching
    Optimize accounting workflow procedures and minimize risks of manual errors with automated transaction posting and matching on predefined posting schemas.
  • Flexible Accounting Rules
    Keep control over accounting and flexibly define limitation rules, analytic and synthetic accounts with consistent and flexible categories for Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income and Expenses and posting controlling mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Financial Control
    Eliminate the risk of transactions inaccuracy with automatic and manual closing of posting periods in General Ledger. This option strengthens the financial control over all accounts by declining any attempt to post or modify transactions in closed period.
  • Real-time Financial Reporting
    Make your decisions based on accurate analyses, generate up-to-date reports and have a real time preview of borrower’s debts at any moment, with automated transaction processing and tracking accounts analytically in General Ledger with possibilities for dynamic dimensioning.
  • Increased Performance Visibility
    Achieve operational and financial efficiency by better tracking performance results through structured financial reports, which provide you with accurate information about loan repayment frequencies and allow you to perform analyses of business trends, payment planning, portfolio quality, based on which the Top Management will be able to find solutions and react on time.