Human Resources Module

Streamline people management and boost productivity

General Description

The Human Resources Module manages employee data including but not limited to educational employee background, job description, bank account and tracking the related documentation, all available from a central location.

The Human Resources Module combines a number of processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes and data.

The Human resources module enables number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing recruitment, benefits administration, employee performance management and tracking competency and training records. The module is a component covering many other HR aspects from application to retirement. The system records basic demographic and address data, selection, training and development, capabilities and skills management, compensation planning records and other related activities.

The module has an integrated Dynamic Data Collection Engine, which allows specification of additional data to be gathered in the employee card based on Client needs.

The HR workflow covers activities from the initial employee interview, based on which data can be tracked in the module starting from vacancy information with specification of job responsibilities and later can be continued with performance assessment for the candidates.


The module supports specification of various types of collaboration agreements, based on the business needs of the Client including agreements for internships, periodic external collaboration agreements, where the data is automatically loaded from the employee or intern card in the agreement form, with possibility for additional annex on agreements generation with fixed duration, under new or the same conditions. In case annex conditions should remain the same as the agreement or the last annex, conditions are automatically loaded from the last officially approved document.

The module within the integration with Document Template Engine supports generation of custom print documentation on signing employee agreements, which is entirely based on Client’s Business Policy.

Vacation leaves can be automatically tracked as part of HR workflow activities, by managing requests for vacation days, request withdrawal and approval, linked to automatically retrieve remaining days from the last active agreement or annex and with possibility for processing multiple vacation requests in bulk.

The Human Recourses Module is tracking education, qualifications and skills of the employees, as well as outlining what training courses, learning or materials are available to develop which skills.

This module is completely integrated with the Payroll Module and supports processing of periodic performance-based employee appraisals and direct indication of the results in the salary calculation in the form of calculated rewards (bonus, regress, etc.) or retentions (administrative ban, penalty points, etc.).

Employee data including agreement dates, employee vacancies and other parameters can be analyzed in structured reports with possibility for flexible definition of additional reports with Dynamic Report Generator (DRG), based on Client’s needs.

Key Features

  • Flexible HR Procedures
    Streamline employee management procedures with completely flexible HR workflow definition and adjustment of recruitment operations according to Client specific business needs.
  • Enforced Workforce Policies
    Handle the entire hiring and selection process more efficiently with module that helps you organize better and prioritize activities in order to improve the decision-making process.
  • Improved Data Insight
    Receive up-to-date information about employees and access data in structured reports for trend analyses and comparison of employee data.
  • Automated Rules and Calculations
    Improve the planning and HR strategy processes, with on place vacancy approval and automated salary calculation procedures that streamline repetitive work operations.
  • Key Performance Visibility
    Balance between motivated employees and less performing, through periodical performance reviews that allows you to track employee progress closely and accurately.