Sales Module

Manage sales invoice efficiently

General Description

Aspekt Product Suite has specialized Sales Invoice Module, supporting managing sales invoices process from invoice data entry with approval process and four-eye control managing the workflow of the process up to posting into General Ledger. Within the approval process, the system has validations on place and full control on the invoices that would be available for payment as well as validations for overpayment.

The system supports complete invoice overview viewable in reports where the status of each invoices is shown with possibility to print .pdf and export in .xls.

The system has full control and validations mechanisms on place enabling repayment of the invoice amount over Bank Statement. The Sales Invoice payments can be processed using the Bank Statement, Petty Cash and Cheque functionality.


Within the integration with Operating Leasing, the Sales Invoice Module supports the feature of automated generation of sales invoices based on the repayment schedule and due dates of agreements’ installments. The agreement management workflow allows dynamic adjustment supporting automated and manual invoice generation.

The integrated workflow follows automatic transaction processing in General Ledger Module where invoices are posted on predefined accounts including the installment amounts and any additional income that may be calculated. Taking advantage of time management on the posting activity, invoices can be processed based on Client’s preferences. With an integrated transaction processing, the Sales Invoice Module enables the quality of the business processes to be improved vastly, supported by all the needed data for financial analyses along with Dynamic Dimensioning.

Key Features

  • Cost-Effective Invoice Generation
    Automate the process of electronic invoice generation and conveniently deliver payment information to Clients by using cost-effective methods.
  • Strong Repayment Control
    Utilize direct repayment visibility with comprehensive management of generated invoices, due installments and processed customer’s payments from a central location.
  • Professional Invoice Templates
    Flexibly personalize invoice template to include your corporate information, payment details, contact information and any other parameter, with the ultimate goal of delivering highly professional invoice content.
  • Adjustable Four-Eye Principle of Authorization
    Integrated four-eye control mechanisms and workflow in the process of registering and payment operations tracking.
  • High-Cost Control
    Efficient track of invoice due dates and repayment records with direct integration with accounting for automated processing in General Ledger.