Merchant Platform

Enable an openness and flexibility to any third party system

General Description

Merchant Platform is a platform for connection with external parties, as integration infrastructure for standard or custom connections to third party systems and providers. The platform represents a channel for communication with external transaction systems, enabling the organizations to provide to other third parties standard approach as well as to provide feature extensions and enhancements.

Merchant Platform is structured on a way that is consisted of two parts:

Merchant API Platform that offers organized structure of predefined set of services and allows merchant’s activities, operations and information to be interconnected with the Core System.


Merchant CBS Support as Core System module enables the configuration of existing or new merchants, configuration of available services per merchant, considering the fact that separate services can be provided per Merchant (for example: Create new contact; Get Contact details; Update Contact Details; Request Loan Application; Get Applications Status; Get Products Info; Get All Active Loans; Loan Repayment; Account Deposit; Account Withdrawal; Get One Reconciliation Item; Get All Reconciliation Items; Patch One Reconciliation item; Patch All Reconciliation items, etc.).

The Platform supports the transactions processing and monitoring, reconciliations on requests or service level (monthly or daily, for each transaction or for batch), registration and approval of Contact/Client changes, logging requests from the Merchants and interconnection with appropriate modules.

This Platform enables access rights definition along with privileges for preview of the services. System is not only validating correctness of structure but also checking validity of business logic processes.

System is logging all requests from the Merchants and stores in database with appropriate reporting.

API Layer is not designed to be expose to the internet, connection should be secured with Client Partner systems. This means that this connection on the external merchants should be behind firewall or as part of secured network. The organization is the one who controls the access of merchants and services.

Key Features

  • Easy and Open Integration
    Opportunity to the organizations for an openness for integration with third party providers or payment operators having competitive advantage on the markets.
  • Complete System Independence
    Structured system infrastructure for interconnection and full independence from other parties with possibility of service configuration.
  • Efficient New Integrations
    The system infrastructure is interconnected with the Core System, so any new integration would not spent resources on organization side, but on the merchant/partner side, enabling the new integration to be very cost effective.