Tablet Platform for Field Activities

Process data on-field

General Description

The Aspekt Mobile Assistant Platform is designed to support financial services, running as extension of core system features, used to provide on-field mobility and improve user experience by streamline data input operations for field officers and agents. It enables mobility for employees to perform on-site operations and serving the customers more effectively.

Aspekt Mobile Assistant Platform supports achieving significant operational improvements and making long-term, loyal customers, by enhancing the quality of the financial services, through reliable engagement approach with end-users, aligned to the Client’s growth plans.

With ability to process data on-field, Aspekt Mobile Assistant Platform supports data access at any time, providing financial services, performing site visits and other operational activities that need to be performed fast, reliable and on-time, being able to serve customers on-field.

The Platform supports all key processes that are required for more efficient field operations, in online and offline mode. Through the Aspekt Mobile Assistant Platform the Client’s field agents can serve customers more efficiently and increase customer outreach, by being able to generate loan applications, gather documentation, make field assessment and analyzes, generate leads, conduct customer interviews, monitor loan portfolio / loan purpose usage, perform financial analyses and gather customer complaints while on the field. The platform can enable field mobility for payment and disbursements and any activity that can be performed on the Core System to be extended for usage on the tablet.

The platform itself is designed on a way that the policies, validations, operation rules are taken over from the Core System and it represents the Core System on-field with no need of installing new versions, or updating the tablet platform for the changes of policies, validations or operation challenges that are needed for fast approach on the dynamic market, enabling differentiation in comparison to the competition.


Key Features


  • Automated Process Workflow
    Performing specific operations on-field and complete integration with the core system with a management tool for managing the platform.
  • Offline Activities
    Range of activities performed offline, while on-field, such as record new lead or update the data of existing one, create new Clients – person or company, record new applications or change existing applications (covering financial analyses, repayment plan, collateral and guarantor) as well as monitoring, questionnaires, tasks, activities enabling the mobility to be on a level as working in the office.
  • Flexible Definition of Data to be Gathered
    Definition of parameters used to record the needed information for different business objects in the system and enabling additional customization of data access and preview based on Client needs, adapted to present online any type of data generated in the core solution.
  • Ongoing Customization of Data Access and Report Preview
    Enabling flexible approach of data gathering, independently from the Vendor. Standard set of reports available showing the most relevant CRM, Application and Loan Module data.