Application Processing Module

Enforce real time application analyses with optimized application processing flow

The Application Processing Module handles a complete workflow from initial application through the process of application analysis and approval up to a point of agreeing preferable loan conditions.

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Loan Module

Structure transparent loan management experience

The Loan Module leads the activity flow after the Application Processing Module, by automatically loading loan application details and supporting the process of loan approval and disbursement through the entire repayment period.

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Leasing Module

Flexibly manage agreement lifecycle

The Leasing Module continues with the agreement management flow after the application request is approved in the Application Processing Module, tracking the process of asset repayment and manages both, Finance and Operating leases.

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Cash Management Module

Automated cash management process flow

Under the umbrella of Aspekt Product Suite is the Cash Management Module. The module supports range of operations, functionalities and streamlined transactions enabled depending on Clients Business Requirements and scope of the operations performed in MFIs and Banks.

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Credit Scoring Module

Drive efficiency with flexible adjustment of approval criteria

The Credit Scoring Module supports the process of detailed scoring and rating analyses with flexible definition of Score Cards for risk assessment, based on Client’s Business needs.

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Accounts Management Module & Commission Platform

Management of accounts and transactions in real time

The specialized Account Management Module is designed to support full range of accounts operations in real time.

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Card Management Module

Automated card operations

Aspekt Product Suite has integrated, specialized secure Card Management Module that supports issuing credit and debit cards.

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CRM Module

Improve Customer Service

The Aspekt Product Suite integrates specialized, vertical CRM – Customer Relationship Management Module, with alignment of the business specifics for Financial Industry (Microfinance and Banking), but also offers possibility for interface adaptation in integration with other external systems.

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Collateral Management Module

Allocate collateral in an efficient way

The Collateral Module, part of Aspekt Product Suite, includes efficient identification, management and allocation of different types of collaterals in order to mitigate any risks exposures associated with the agreements.

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Social Performance & Impact Management Module

Monitor the achievements of your social mission

The Social Performance & Impact Management Module deals with one of the main challenges of financial industry, which is the measuring of social performance and impact on clients’ lives and businesses through the financial services provided.

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Anti-Money Laundering Module

Prevent money-laundering activities

As part of the Aspekt Product Suite is the Anti-Money Laundering Module (AML) which integrates controlling mechanisms for tracking risky transactions per internationally defined financial standards for AML and Client’s local regulations.

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Treasury Management Module

Standardize the treasury operations

Aspekt Product Suite has integrated and specialized Treasury Management Module that supports all treasury operations within a financial organization including Treasury bills, Government bonds, Corporate bonds, Arbitration, Loans, Transfers, Deposits, etc.

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