Application Processing Module

Enforce real time application analyses with optimized application processing flow.

General Description

The Application Processing Module handles a complete workflow from initial application through the process of application analysis and approval up to a point of agreeing preferable loan conditions.

The workflow is flexibly defined based on Client business needs, allowing specification of mandatory documentation and data to be gathered per workflow status, with possibility of status changes forward as well as backward, allowing repeatable creditworthiness analyses. Customer’s creditworthiness is analyzed with the use of the incorporating automation of diverse calculations, per industry rules and Client Business Policy for most accurate analysis.


The Application Approval is an adaptable process, manageable from user side with flexible definition of approval schema, including approval levels and parameters, which allow different organizational structures on different hierarchical levels to appropriately check borrower’s creditworthiness and ensure that the application meets the Client’s Business Policy and thus make appropriate Credit Committee Decision.

The Product Policy is flexible and manageable fully undependable from user side. The validations set in the Application Processing Module against the conditions in the product policy enable high control mechanism and high-level efficiency in the process.

Key Features

  • Automated Decision-Making Processes
    Enforce front office efficiency with optimal application processing workflow that allows streamlined configuration of the activities performed in any step and automated verification of the completeness of the gathered data.
  • Flexible Workflow Definition
    Streamline the application approval process by unifying the needed parameters for analysis, integrating four-eye control principle and applying flexible approval process.
  • Compliant Product Enhancements
    Shorten the costs and time-to-market for product introduction and streamline employee trainings for new product conditions, with Flexible Product Policy and direct user engagement in building competitive product strategy.
  • Flexible Process Integration
    Effective end-to-end application cycle with flexible process integration of all activities and flexible adjustment on product requirements compliant to the dynamic market needs and country’s regulative;