Card Management Module

Automated card operations

General Description

Aspekt Product Suite has integrated, specialized secure Card Management Module that supports issuing credit and debit cards.

The Card Management Module is supports customer profile with detailed card and customer information enabling 360° Card data view. The module supports defining card products, including Product Conditions Management with period validation, type of Client (individual or company), card product types such as Debit and Credit Cards and specifying BIN number for each product.
The system has integrated mechanism for generating card numbers according to Client’s Business Policy.

The Module enables process of opening and maintaining all card product types through defined workflow that allows implementation of four-eye principle in the process as well as managing authorized persons.

The Module provides the ability to use a wide range of technological equipment such as POS and ATM terminals. The POS terminal definition increases flexibility by setting the minimum and maximum limit, creates better relationship between company associates and end user, increasing trust and potentially leading to more sales. The ATM terminal settings support managing banknote register for specifying banknotes in the system by currency and value.

For each card product, the system supports defining commissions for different operations, with the possibility of flexible parameterization of commission types. The commissions can be applied as absolute amount as well as percentage where minimum and maximum amount can be also specified as well as definition of commissions exception in case when a special commission needs to be applied.


All the operations in Card Management Module are completely integrated with General Ledger Module enabling posting of the transactions according to predefined posting schemas, providing the ability for analytical accounting of each card accounts. The module can be integrated with International Card Systems data processor via file exchange system or services and make automatic processing, debit and credit card transactions and automatic booking. The system supports online and offline mode communication with International Card Systems.

The Card Management Module has integrated card application management process with possibility for documents attachment (within Document Compliance Platform integration), Committee decision for approval as well as defining the documents that are needed to be extracted from the system (within Template Printing Engine).

The Advance Card Operations includes flexible changes of card data such as card name, daily amount transaction on POS terminal, number of daily POS transactions, daily amount transaction on ATM terminal, number of daily ATM transactions, daily amount transaction Online (e – commerce), number of Online transactions and limit amount per transaction.

The Card Management Module Advance operations platform enables full range of activities that are possible to be performed in order to change the current conditions of an already active card. The system supports advance operations for change card PIN by request of the card owner, operation for permanent blocking of the card for further using (reported as Lost by the card owner), operation for permanent blocking of the card for using on ATM and POS Terminal (allowed for using only for Online transaction till the start of the process for reissuing of a new card) and operation for termination of the card agreement.

Card Management Module features have integrated range of security safeguards and anti-fraud controls, compliance and protecting business interests. The module generates up-to-date reports and have a real time preview of Cards standardized reporting assuring elimination of the need for manual data management.

Key Features

  • Flexible Definition of Card Operations
    Dynamic definition of debit and credit products for processing credit and debit cards information, independently from the Vendor.
  • Established Information Security
    The module meets the necessary standards of information security and reliability, and is compatible with international payment systems.
  • Adjustable Four-Eye Principle of Authorization
    Set maker/checker principle of authorization of the transactions performed in Card Module, depending on transaction amount, enabling higher control or efficiently applying one step transaction execution.
  • User-Friendly
    The architecture of the module provides easy access, large flexibility and scalability.
  • Card Operations Reporting
    Reliable and standardized reporting assuring efficient risk management procedures and elimination of the need for manual data management.