Cash Management Module

Automated cash management process flow

General Description

Under the umbrella of Aspekt Product Suite is the Cash Management Module.
The module supports range of operations, functionalities and streamlined transactions enabled depending on Clients Business Requirements and scope of the operations performed in MFIs and Banks:

  • Loan Payment and Loan Disbursement/ Group Loan Payment and Group Loan Disbursement
  • Transfers of cash among Cash Desks and Vaults as well as to other Banks
  • Exchange Office Transactions
  • Accounts related Transactions (withdrawals and deposits on Current Accounts/ Saving Accounts/Term Deposits)

Cash Management Module is fully integrated with the Loan Module, AML, Accounts Management as well as General Ledger Module enabling real time booking according to predefined posting schemas.

The specialized dashboard preview enables the Cash Desk/Vault Officers to efficiently organize their daily activities. The Cash Management Module supports performing transactions in local and foreign currencies, as well as banknote denomination. The module supports an option for flexible management of exchange rates and currencies from user side with automatic calculation of exchange differences that exclude any possibilities for financial losses. The exchange currency rates can be entered on a daily level and the data for every past day is automatically stored for historic reference.


The module enables definition of transaction limits on Cash Desk level used to validate transaction amount limits per different currencies to end users based on their functional position and privileges. Furthermore, during the running of End of Day operation, fundamental checks and controls are set to be performed over the activities on each Cash Desk, such as unprocessed transactions, active Cash Desks and Vaults as well as Cash Desk/Vault balances that enables applying top-level control on the operation execution.

Cash Management Module provides complete real time access and historical data through variety of cash management reports needed for further analyses and decision-making. With the integration with Template Printing Engine automatic action after every transaction is generation of predefined printable document/voucher, to serve as a proof for performed transaction, delivered to the other party in a hard copy.

Key Features

  • Automated Cash Management
    Complete centralized and automated cash management providing real time overview of cash transactions, accurately forecast cash flow, mitigation and prevention of any fraudulent activities.
  • Management of Internal Transactions
    Get direct overview of the cash balance in every branch office and manage internal cash transfers between cash desks, vaults as well as transfers of cash to other Bank accounts with automatic transfer of amounts in order to avoid transaction disturbances such as cash deficiencies.
  • Streamlined Transaction Processing
    Simplify and automate the transaction handling and shorten borrower’s time on counter desk by entering minimum data required for more efficient and prompt process.
  • Flexible Definition on Minimum and Maximum Balances per Cash Desks
    Adjust the balance limits per Cash Desk enabling validation of transaction amount limits to end users based on their functional position and privileges.
  • Adjustable Four-Eye Principle of Authorization
    Set maker/checker principle of authorization of the transactions performed in Cash Desk, depending on transaction amount, enabling higher control or efficiently applying one step transaction execution.
  • Integration with Local and International Blacklists
    Enable automatically alarming of suspicious transactions and recognizing transactions from the potential doubtful contacts using the integration with AML Module.
  • Up-To-Date Cash Desk Journal
    Receive complete overview of the future needed financial transaction flows as disbursement and plan everyday work operations in all branches, by tracking transaction balances and cash desk diary in dynamic cash desk reports, easily adaptable to organization needs.
  • Cash Management Reporting
    Maintain your business responsive to new industry and regulatory challenges with reliable and standardized reporting assuring efficient risk management procedures and elimination of the need for manual data management.