Collateral Management Module

Allocate collateral in an efficient way

General Description

The Collateral Module, part of Aspekt Product Suite, includes efficient identification, management and allocation of different types of collaterals in order to mitigate any risks exposures associated with the agreements. Furthermore, the application enables revaluation of collateral asset value, enhanced workflow and task mechanism, automatic alerts and detailed reporting package, as well as allocation by various methodologies and distribution algorithms.


The types of collaterals can be dynamically defined from user side and linked with the asset definition for automated collateral validation on application level, based on the chosen product.

The collateral value and eligibility is automatically calculated based on current market value with option for dynamic definition of collateral eligibility criteria based on Client needs. The integrated operational workflow supports generation of secured deals for the collateral on agreement level.

Collaterals can be analyzed in structured reports including reports for analyzing current market value per collateral and concentration monitoring reports for effective analyses of collateral allocation per region.

Key Features

  • Efficient Collateral Asset Administration
    The main purpose of Collateral Management Module is to provide a reliable registration and allocation of all types of collaterals used to cover exposure in order to control and mitigate credit risk. With robust operational control, you enjoy direct collateral visibility including the extent of agreements secured with collaterals and assuring efficient collateral allocation up to the amounts of risk exposure.
  • Collateral Optimization
    Optimize the collaterals’ value with efficient and automated collateral transformation from one to another useful form by utilizing integrated mechanisms for reevaluation of inactive collaterals due to agreements’ termination or other reasons considered acceptable.
  • Collateral Reporting
    Maintain your business responsiveness to new industry and regulatory challenges with reliable and standardized collateral reporting assuring efficient risk management procedures and elimination of the need for manual data management.