Credit Scoring Module

Drive efficiency with flexible adjustment of approval criteria

General Description

The Credit Scoring Module supports the process of detailed scoring and rating analyses with flexible definition of Score Cards for risk assessment, based on Client’s Business needs. The definition of the Score Card parameters is based on Client’s specific scoring indicators and is integrated in the application process workflow closely related with the product definition.

Integrated Dynamic Data Collection Engine on application level provides automatic calculation of card creditworthiness, based on predefined ranking scheme. In order to mitigate the possibility for double entries and centralize data control, the Score Card parameters integrate with the parameters from the Application Processing Module and automatically load the data from the Personal Data Registry, Financial Analyses as well as Client’s Data already available in the system.

For automatic processing of the Score Cards, calculation mechanisms such as variable weight, decision tree-mechanisms and other, are integrated within the Application Processing and Approval Processes and provide comprehensive results of the decision process.

Based on the input parameters, the Module automatically:

  • Generates all possible combination of answers, by creating the tree path, overtaking the weight factors and entering points for all combinations.
  • Calculates Weight of the combination (automatically calculated as a product of weight factors of the questions)
  • Calculates Score group result (automatically calculated as a product of weight of the combination, score of the combination and weight factor of the group)

The calculation mechanisms (e.g. variable weight, decision tree-mechanism) are integrated with the Loan Application Approval Process, for automatic processing of the cards and giving clear results in the decision process.

For each loan product different Score Card can be connected. Moreover, with the functionality of Card Correlation, different Score Card can be applied to same Loan Product depending on different criteria.

Key Features


Combined Statistical &
Subjective Scoring Factors

Systematize the application assessment procedures by interactively using statistical tools combined with flexibly defined parameters to create successful decision criteria.


Dynamic Scoring

Maximize the value of every applicant with dynamically defined evaluation parameters assuring reliable risk evaluation and quality decision processes.