CRM Module

Improve Customer Service

General Description

The Aspekt Product Suite integrates specialized, vertical CRM – Customer Relationship Management Module, with alignment of the business specifics for Financial Industry (Microfinance and Banking), but also offers possibility for interface adaptation in integration with other external systems.

The objective of the Module is to simplify front office operations and activities prior to signed agreement and improve the sales management, marketing management and communication procedures with all type of contacts.

The Module enables comprehensive 360° insight into potential Clients, activities undertaken and supports handling proper customer acquisition strategy and analysis.

In order to easily adapt to the scope of specific CRM activities of the Client, the module has integrated Dynamic Data Collection Engine that supports dynamic management and incorporation of workflow procedures that complement the sales and marketing activities.

In addition to horizontally integrating activities in the process flow, the module supports vertical integration according to Client specific industry needs and ensures compliance across the entire contact lifecycle.


With the high level of flexibility, the module provides options for automation of CRM operations and quick access to customer details including the demographic data, customer life cycle relationship, activities and communication undertaken, notifications, messages, SMS, written and verbal communication flow as well as detailed overview over product and services, repayment status and sales pipeline results. The module enables conducting sales activities from the initial moment of planning releasing new product on the market, monitoring marketing campaigns, defining potential Clients, and recording of sales chances from the beginning of sales process.

As a part of CRM Module is Legal and Collection Management designed for flexible definition of data regarding collection and court cases, with flexible workflow definition and automated validation controls for starting collection and legal procedure.

The Module is integrated to Loan Module, Expense Platform as well as Contact database enabling highly efficient process and best user experience for the ‘Business people’ in the Company.

Key Features

  • Contact Management
    Have clearer preview on all daily activities and increase operational performance with 360° contact data view, that allows you to create action lists and pull automatic actions based on predefined criteria, create dashboard suggestion action lists, define alarms and notifications, monitor contact history communication, all with one goal, to streamline daily operations and make fast and informed decisions.
  • Effective Leads Management
    Managing relations with leads, contacts in a structured view, brings you closer to making deal with them and with this CRM Module you receive valuable tool for effective transformation of leads into contacts that will eventually generate revenue and monitor outputs through measurable results.
  • Campaign Management
    Marketing campaign is the very first step any business takes to reach potential customers with products and services. CRM leverages the efficiency of campaign by marketing process automation. It reduces campaign cost, analyzes campaign data and forecasts future marketing strategy.
  • Case Management
    Customer Satisfaction and Complains can be easily managed and integrated into the workflow of the organization as well as communication within the organization referring to the specific Case (Complain), either is related to Product, Employee, Office, Branch or some other General Issue.
  • Multi-Channel Communication
    Creating SMS packages per defined triggers in the system (for example: past due days, matured installments, birthdays…), email lists with predefined message content for automated delivery to recipients.
  • Collection and Legal Management
    Automating account management activities allows companies to spend limited time on collecting installments and invest more on acquiring additional opportunities. In order to efficiently delegate assignments and produce results within all operational structures, the workflow needs to integrate the collection/legal activities as an imperative when managing account service processes for financial companies.