Leasing Module (Financial & Operating)

Flexibly manage agreement lifecycle

General Description

The Leasing Module continues with the agreement management flow after the application request is approved in the Application Processing Module, tracking the process of asset repayment and manages both, Finance and Operating leases.

The module deals with complete asset management activities and provides an option for managing additional asset expenses during asset’s useful lifecycle and including those costs in the monthly installments.

In integration with Application processing, Sales Invoice Module, Purchase Invoice Module, General Ledger and Collateral Management Module, this module provides detailed, 360° insight into lease applications, agreements, generated invoices and transaction history from a central location as well as enables automated processing of transactions.


The Module enables tracking all relevant data for leasing such as down payment, residual value, purchase price for each Client segment with possibility to define the VAT amount as part of the purchase price, thus be part of the outstanding amount of the repayment plan or to track it as a separate expense type in the repayment plan.

The initially generated lease agreements can be subject of further changes performed using the advanced operations platform as part of automated workflow for modifying the lease agreements including options for restructuring, payment date change, partial payment, early repayment, early maturity, write off, interest rate change as well as group changes in the interest rates based on chosen benchmark reference rates (ex. euribor, tibor, libor, etc).

With the Action List integrated in this module, the time between every activity and status changes is automatically tracked.

The system in the process of signing agreements supports predefinition of agreement document templates that automatically load the data from the system and are generated in a printable form at the signing activity providing the Client with convenient possibility for documents management within the integration with Template Printing Engine.

Key Features

  • Lease Lifecycle Visibility
    Improve the control over assets and agreements with centralized validation mechanisms that lead you through automated workflow and help to effectively manage agreements so that you generate highest value for your Clients.
  • Flexible Agreement Management
    Perform significant conditions modifications at any point during agreements repayment process with quality agreement administration support and automated adaptation of the repayment plan to the new changes.
  • Asset Portfolio Management
    Manage asset usage from acquisition to disposal in a completely centralized system that tracks full asset history and provides you with on time information on asset status in order to optimize the time from asset acquisition to signing lease agreement.