Loan Module

Structure transparent loan management experience

General Description

The Loan Module leads the activity flow after the Application Processing Module, by automatically loading loan application details and supporting the process of loan approval and disbursement through the entire repayment period.

Besides the connection to Application Processing Module, Loan Module is completely integrated with CRM, Cash Management, Accounts Management, General Ledger as well as Fund Management Module, enabling automated transactions processing and achieve high level of operational excellence on Company level.

Loans can be directly activated from the loan form, after which transactions are automatically posted in General Ledger according to predefined posting schemes. Accordingly, when the repayment process starts and the borrower repays the loan, the payments are automatically tracked in the repayment plan and create appropriate transactions in General Ledger.

The entire loan documentation can be predefined and categorized to follow the loan process flow and Client’s Business needs, generated from the system, which enables fully automatized process of contracts and other loan related documentation creation.


Integral part of the loan process is the Action List that automatically logs the time between every activity, as well as status changes. This module supports processing loan conditions change over the loan lifecycle using the Advance Operation Platform. This enables aligning loan repayment plans with borrower’s creditworthiness, performing restructuring, early repayment, partial payment, payment date change, early maturity, interest rate change, write-off as well as interest or penalty wave. The Module enables as well rollback on agreements activation, matured installments and repayments as well as disbursements.

The Module is fully integrated with the Task and Management Platform enabling automated process of task or messages assignment based on certain trigger activities, such as status changes, assignment for loan approval, delinquent loans notification, etc.

Key Features

  • Richer Loan Lifecycle Experience
    Fast adaptation to changes is what makes companies successful and that is why it is important to be able to modify loan conditions, in order to align with borrower’s abilities for repayment, by using the advanced operations platform.
  • Loan Process Control
    Keep complete control over your loan process and gather minimum needed mandatory borrower’s documentation and data for analysis on the beginning and flexibly add additional information, on the go through the loan process flow.
  • 360-Degree Loan Overview
    Detailed loan data overview such as loan posting schedule, installments, loan allocation card, loan disbursement account, classification changes, communication flow, product conditions, loan application, loan balance, etc.;
  • Effective Creditworthiness Analysis
    Ensure that borrower’s financial ability to meet its financial obligations are always in line with the initially made assessment, by repeatedly performing comprehensive creditworthiness analyses of the overall performance of the borrower, qualitative and quantitative aspects during loan life cycle and be able to compare the financial results from the analyses made in different periods. By following the borrower creditworthiness timely and more closely, you can easily respond to changes that might affect the repayment process.