Social Performance & Impact Management Module

Monitor the achievements of your social mission

General Description

The Social Performance & Impact Management Module deals with one of the main challenges of financial industry, which is the measuring of social performance and impact on Clients’ lives and businesses through the financial services provided. The module is created based on industry standards developed by the leading SPM promoters, such as: SPTF – Social Performance Task Force, the Mix Market, MFC (Microfinance Center) and CGAP (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor).

The SPM Module supports definition of diverse types of Poverty Score Cards for measuring poverty level of borrowers and created impact from the lending process. The parameters that are used to measure social poverty outreach and monitoring social responsibility are dynamically defined and manageable from user side, in order to be aligned with the social mission of the organization.


The processing of Poverty Score Cards is performed automatically and can be integrated in any part of the process flow depending on Client business needs.

Integrated Dynamic Data Collection Engine on loan application level provides automatic calculation of the cards for social performance, based on predefined parameters which results can be further used for statistical analyses for measuring borrower’s rates as retention and impact rates, types of borrowers outreached, and further report analyses.

Key Features

  • Business Processes Aligned with Social Mission
    Translate your social missions into quantifiable results and create a work environment that will work in favor of your social mission with ability to analyze past performances, based on flexibly defined parameters that will lead your organization to influence the life of your borrowers by addressing their needs and creating possibilities to encompass more diversified group of social levels.
  • Dynamic Specification of Social Indicators
    Clearly identify social indicators, SP data that needs to be collected. Use monitoring tools to flexibly define separate score cards for measuring social impact and poverty and improve the quality of the financial services offered.
  • Attraction of More Investors
    Better management of the target borrower outreach, individual borrower impact, retention rates and contribute to development of a better and more transparent finance industry.